Life is held in our hands

The greatest happiness accorded to manis that provided by a satisfying life. People are always complaining that how bustling life is and aspire to finish this process hastily and then to throw themselves into a imaginative, leisurable life, and finally find that day seems never to be coming. Everyone dream of living a kind of comfortable, free and easy life.

But at the same time, human seek for the sense of satisfaction from struggling journey that unknown become know and uncertain become certain. It's apparently something of a paradox. Can we enjoy easyness during the busyness of life?

In my opinion, the unpleasant feeling that we are always up to the ears everyday actually result from the pressure actiong our mind which is not a power, but a source of pain, and which is brought on ourselves. There're a lot of things pressing on our minds which compel us to think about. Regret the past depressively and deal with the matter at hand busily; and worry about the futurities anxiously. It seems that we always do some useless works. It does not do to live in memories, in regrets for the old days and we'll never know what will happen in the future when we live in this uncertain world. If we concentrate on ' now', life must be much easier.

Last year, when I prepared for the postgraduate test, I really felt at a loss. I wondered whether that I had chosen to attend the test was right and worried about whether I could past it. Such thought tortured me for a long time. But, in a morning, when the sun blazed on me, I found that I owned a pure, solitary goal and I had not an excuse to give up my dream even with not a little effort. May be something would stand in my way to success, such as the scantiness of time, such as some absurd, inevitable reason resulting from the hypocrisy, anarchy of this unfair world, but those were not my fault. I was just a hopeful person, youny and uncertain, who was engaged in seeking an air of freedom and wonderful life. what could I do? Only believed that I could and tried my best for the glorious future. I must have held on straight to the end, because I tried to succeed and all efforts have little meaning unless I did my utmost to succeed. Cherished such idea, I spent the whole winter with relaxed feeling which I had never experieced. Though the process of study was quite hard, I still enjoyed such simple life.

So I believe, life is held in our hands, nothing can deprive us of our right of pursueing the eager life style. If only we throw every unnessary anxiety stuffing in our mind away, our life will be easy and happy.